Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wasted Moment #52 - Virginity Crisis

Welcome to another Wasted Moment with Gord. Sorry about the wait from the last video, but I have had a few other things that I have been playing around with. This topic tackles an idea that I have had on my head for a while. Normally I like expanding my boundaries and question my values, but some of them continue to just make sense. So here's a little issue that I have been trying to slay for a while.


Anonymous said...

This video made me sad. You've built something that should be fun and enjoyable into a phobia. You are at the peak time in your life where you are mature enough to be safe and respectful, yet still have the youth and vigor that makes *now* so wonderful. And you're losing it because "I love you", a condom, and the pill is not enough permission for you. Better luck next life.

Gordon Edward said...

Very good point. It is a shame that I didn't see this comment until now.