Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wasted Moment #50 - Someone Thinks You're Great

Welcome to another Wasted Moment with Gord. A few episodes ago I had people send me pictures of positive messages. The goal is to give these positive messages to people that having bad days, or feeling down in the gutter. I compiled those pictures with a song, with the ultimate goal of cheering people up. Please pass it around to anyone you think needs a pick me up. I want to thank everyone that sent in these pictures.

Song by Ze Frank.

Also if you would like to continue with the project, please send more pictures to... Gdcm_owners@hotmail.com



Michael said...

This truly WAS wasted moment.

Oh dear God, please go back to being cynical and witty!

Gordon Edward said...

>.> Okay. I'll stick out of the campy happy stuff, and get back to making digs at people. I know that I do that much better.