Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wasted Moment #50 - Someone Thinks You're Great

Welcome to another Wasted Moment with Gord. A few episodes ago I had people send me pictures of positive messages. The goal is to give these positive messages to people that having bad days, or feeling down in the gutter. I compiled those pictures with a song, with the ultimate goal of cheering people up. Please pass it around to anyone you think needs a pick me up. I want to thank everyone that sent in these pictures.

Song by Ze Frank.

Also if you would like to continue with the project, please send more pictures to... Gdcm_owners@hotmail.com


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wasted Moment #49 - New Sins Are In FTW

Welcome to another Wasted Moment with Gord. Recently new sins have been introduced upon the world, giving people all the more reason to be meek. Some are a bit of common sense, but to what lengths should they go to? What drugs are considered a sin? What limits are there on genetic manipulation? Only the Pope knows, and he's in Rome. The question is will anyone change his or her habits because of these new sins? Are sins just a set of guidelines that are pretty much useless in society?

Please send pictures to... Gdcm_owners@hotmail.com

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wasted Moment #48 - International Women's Day

Welcome to another Wasted Moment with Gord. Its a few hours late, but it's still close enough. Here you have Gordon's take on International Women's Day. There are plenty of women that ushered in this day, but not the specific women who are honoured by it. After this video I'm sure you'll have a better idea.

Please send pictures to... Gdcm_owners@hotmail.com

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wasted Moment #47 - Adultery Is Child's Play + Project

Welcome to another Wasted Moment with Gord. Sorry about the delay in getting this up. I actually wrote two others before this, but swapped them around so I can get this one out of the way. This one starts off questioning what would it be like if we treated kids like we do adults, and likewise what if we treat adults like we do kids.

The second part of the video involves a little video / picture project that I am trying to put together. For it to succeed it needs a community behind it though, and that is where you can step in. Lots of people are struggling with a fit of depression at this point in time, or they may be a little under confident. So what I need you to do is take a picture of a personal positive message that you want to give to someone else. Something like, "You don't need to settle for better than nothing".

Once I get enough I'll put them together in a video, and you can pass it on to anyone you care about.

Just send the pictures to... Gdcm_owners@hotmail.com


Monday, March 3, 2008

Musical Moment #8 - La La

Welcome to another Musical Moment with Gord. Here we delve into the complex song known as... "La La" by Ashlee Simpson, but now being sung by yours truly. I did a pretty good job here, but the table I rested the camera on was shaking a bit because people were there. Not my best work but hopefully it amuses you at least a little. This song was chosen by one of friends.

With how YouTube has been lately, I no doubt that they are going to take this song down, if the escapades with my G4TV questions are any indication.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Need Your Help With A Picture Project

Basically what I want to do is have a bunch of people send me a picture of a positive message that they want to tell someone else. Then I'm going to take all those pictures put them into one of my Wasted Moment videos. Once that video is up, pass the link onto the person that you wanted to tell the message to, but don't tell them which one it is. Just let them guess.

Alternatively you can also just give me their email address, and I'll pass the message along to them for you to keep the mystery alive.

Just email them over to gdcm_owners@hotmail.com