Monday, October 29, 2007

Musical Moment #2 - New Pornographers Challenge #2 Entries

Double trouble. I decided to post two videos on YouTube to follow up on the contest for the next round. One of them involves me singing, while the other one just uses one of their songs for a background. >.> I probably recommend listening to the second one of these. Anyways here they are.

Here I am, Captain Gordon Edward, singing like Micheal McDonald on the New Pornographers Myriad Harbour song for their latest contest. Basically it involves singing like Micheal McDonald to a New Pornographers song and showing it off to the world. Top prize seems to be an Iphone, and since I do not even have a cellphone... This would be cool. Plus I was sick while making this. :(

Oh and yes... The singing sucks... but... Michael McDonald cannot be copied well.

Here I am, Captain Gordon Edward, making up a follow-up video to my contest entry. This one just uses their music, rather than my singing like Mike McDonald. This one is just for people to enjoy, and does not count towards the contest.

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